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Fake News - Mainstream Media Alternatives

Did you know that the Mainstream Media is totally biased? Unfortunately virtually all of them are no longer objective. Even worse, they have become a propaganda machine for the Democrats, Big Tech and Big Pharma. So check out some good Mainstream Media alternatives, where you can see what’s not being shown to you, and how untruthful legacy media is!

Watching and reading the truth on these mainstream media alternatives will open your eyes to what is really happening in the world. I believe they are the future for best news sources. Give them a try!

– Edwin

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Mainstream Media Alternatives

Streaming Media Alternatives To Cable TV News

  • Brighteon TV – Live daily broadcasts every weekday, Monday through Friday starting at 9AM Eastern ending at 10PM Eastern. Also available on Roku
  • InfoWars – Live shows available via website and the KlowdTV app
  • Frank Speech – Live shows and podcasts. Also Available on iPhone, Apple TV and Roku

Video Alternatives

See videos banned on Silicon Valley Big Tech sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Video Podcasts

Some of these Mainstream Media Alternatives have been called “conspiracy theorists” by legacy media. But I have to disagree. Because after watching for several years, it’s easy to see with your own eyes and common sense that it’s not conspiracy. And it’s not conspiracy when you can clearly see it’s true. That’s called reality.

So in reality these shows and podcasts are “spoiler alerts”.  The mainstream media just doesn’t want you to know the truth. So do yourself a favor and see what truths you’ve been missing out on.

– Edwin

News Websites

Social Media Alternatives

Big Tech Alternatives

  • Brave Browser – Get the Privacy-First Brave Browser on all your devices.
  • Brave Search – Use the Privacy-First Brave Search that doesn’t censor search results
  • Brave Talk – Unlimited, private video calls, right in your browser. No extra apps. No tracking. Just free connections, powered by Brave
  • Proton Mail – Secure Email Based in Switzerland
  • Proton VPN – High-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your privacy
  • Signal – Speak Freely. An unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all the features you expect

I add new sites as I find them. If you want other suggestions or want to suggest one, let us know . I’ll see what I can find! – Edwin

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